Web Design: Guidelines for 2019

Prima di elencarti, però, queste tre soluzioni da implementare quanto prima, voglio farti seguire un ragionamento. La grafica web che funziona non è come la “moda” delle passerelle di Milano, non si sveglia uno stilista che dice “da oggi vanno i siti one page”; la grafica web segue una regola principale: come deve essere il mio sito per favorire la User Experience ed essere indicizzato nei motori di ricerca?

Per questo motivo, le soluzioni che andrò a suggerirti non sono semplici scelte stilistiche, ma intuizioni funzionali che porteranno il tuo utente a sentirsi a suo agio sul tuo sito e quindi a farti posizionare meglio nei motori di ricerca.

Bene, se cerchi una domanda a queste domande, sei arrivato sull’articolo giusto, continua a leggere e saprai quali sono le 3 soluzioni di web design che guideranno il 2019. Prima però chiariamo 2 presupposti fondamentali nella progettazione di un sito web:


In the world of connection, Internet, digital information, speed is the key! We want everything and we want it now. Whatever we need, the Internet and the web help us to orient ourselves and give us answers to our questions and they do so in a very short time. The more time passes and the less patience we have, we are getting used to having the whole world within a few clicks. In the salesmen’s conferences there is a mantra that repeats itself to the point of exhaustion:

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

3 seconds is the average time that a user waits for to load the site he is looking for and when this does not happen 2 scenarios occur:

  1. Puff, wait anyway, but start with distrust;
  2. Click on the “back” button and go to the site immediately next to yours! Probably your competitor.

The speed of loading a web page can make the difference between: they lived forever happy and customers to “yes, I seem to have seen that site, but there was nothing interesting”.

How does this help us in our search for the perfect web design? Websites need to load as fast as possible, web design needs to prioritize loading speed right from the design of the site itself. It’s not enough anymore, but I add I’ve never been enough, to rely on designers who create a beautiful site with a good look, the perfect web design is born from the union of attractive design and “sustainable bit”.

So goodbye to giant photos, uncompressed videos, javascript and heavy animation.

Wait, I’m not saying that in 2019 we will say goodbye to videos and images, indeed, but this year they will be incorporated in such a way as not to slow down the loading time of the site.

From Mobile Friendly to Mobile First

Are you looking for a quote for a site? If you find Mobile Friendly or Responsive written, forget it!

Now let me explain. In 2019 saying that a site will be Responsive means not being up to date. Okay, these statements are a bit strong, but I want to be so drastic because you have to have a clear concept: Mobile is the King.

In my consulting activities I’ve heard dozens of times, it certainly happens to you or maybe you’re thinking about your market this phrase: No well, but my client looks at the site from a PC. The answer to this question is from Google: 71% of internet traffic is from Mobile. There is no category of site that is most used by desktop. Do you see yourself more often at home surfing in front of the PC or sitting on the couch doing research on mobile and mobile phone? To be even more sure you can check the traffic that arrives at your site from mobile with the Traffic Analysis tool of SEMrush.

What does this have to do with design? A few years ago sites were designed for desktops and adapted for mobile use, the winning key now is to design the site for the mobile user and then create a version for the desktop user. Thinking like this will not only help you satisfy your customer by offering them the best experience on the device they use the most, but it’s not news today that search engines favour mobile sites even with lists of different search results.

Designing in this way, then, will help you achieve a better SEO ranking.

These are the main keys that will guide the web design of 2019, and now here are the 3 Must Do’s of 2019.

The 3 guidelines for web design in 2019

Asymmetrical Layouts

In 2019 the trend of web design is to think outside the box… grid. Asymmetric designs are leaving their mark at the beginning of this year, the restyling of many brands, in fact, is marked by this new impetus.

Because if the design has to be minimalist and our user is distracted, creating asymmetries of layouts helps us to recover attention.

Do you know what inattention blindness is? Our brain is very active and reacts to the environment around us by pre-processing information: it selects, chooses and reinforces what it wants us to see. To voluntarily direct attention to more interesting stimuli, we can use contrasts and discrepancies that create an unexpected event, attracting attention.

For this reason, the right asymmetries placed in the right place, can attract the attention of our user who otherwise would simply “shake down”. Then they give the green light to hierarchies of asymmetry, unusual positioning of the elements on the page, layers of colours, irregular patterns and creative use of space.

Goodbye Side

I still can’t believe really, but probably the 2019 will be the year in which we will greet the Side. No, it will not be so, but in a design that becomes more and more simple and clear, the typography finds his “thank you”. Fonts sans-serif are more and more considered to be without a soul, then a typography custom is becoming the must-have brands.

Example of web design with typography custom

In the Brand Book are space directions for the type of font to use on the web, and a typography particular and specific can help give an identity to a website, especially when contrasted with a minimalist design and is devoid of “frills”.

Micro Animations

Clean, creative, simple, quick, but let’s not forget that with our site, we talk to users and, hopefully, to our future customers. For this reason, in 2019, the micro-animations can create a unique experience of interaction with the user while browsing.

I am not speaking of simple color change on a button, I’m talking about real interactions that can entice the user to “try out” our website. The moving objects also helps to keep the attention of the user and, if done well, create a small experience that will remain in the mind of the user.

Web sites with animations to stimulate the user

A little trick that you can use on your site? If, for various reasons, the loading of the pages of your site takes more than 3 seconds, try to implement a micro-loading animation, not the classic wheel that turns in on itself. By doing so, you can turn a weak point into a special feature.